Amazon is in Korea

By CIOReview | Friday, January 8, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched its fifth technology infrastructure region for Asia-Pacific in Seoul, South Korea. AWS Cloud now has presence in 32 availability zones across 12 regions, with another four regions in China, India, Ohio and the United Kingdom set to launch this year.

The company has opened two new availability zones in Korea, which comprises of two data centers that feature redundant power, networking and deliver low latency solutions throughout the country.  Moreover, the two availability zones are developed to be highly scalable and can manage production applications and databases that are highly available and fault tolerant.

“Customers continue to choose AWS as their infrastructure technology platform because we have a lot more functionality than any other cloud provider, a significantly larger partner and customer ecosystem built around AWS, and unmatched maturity, security, and performance,” said Andy Jassy, Senior Vice President, Amazon Web Services. “Our Korean customers and partners have asked us to build AWS infrastructure in Korea so that they can run more of their workloads on AWS and approve new initiatives that could change their business and customer experience.”

Many Korean Multinational companies including Samasung Electronics, LG Electronics, SK Planet, and CJ O Shopping, appreciated AWS expansion into Seoul. Furthermore, in the announcement AWS presented two major Korean firms who were keen to utilize the low latency offered– a gaming company called Nexon and Mirae Asset Global Investments Group, an asset management company. AWS allows Nexon to test its video games for public appeal and eliminates the need for huge investments in data centers. As for Mirae, AWS enhanced their web service environment and they also witnessed a 50 per cent decline in their annual management costs.

AWS is investing heavily in Korea’s cloud future and is building a local cloud technology ecosystem. The company is promoting cloud learning through the AWS Educate Program in partnership with local universities.