Amdocs Unveils New CES Software to Improve System Performance

By CIOReview | Monday, August 17, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Amdocs, provider of customers experience solutions (CES) software, has unveiled the latest version of its product, called v9.3 that is meant for providing solutions to online commerce, interactive bills, Big Data marketing, care and network analytics. Version 9.3 also introduces cross-portfolio enhancements to improve system performance.  

With the new version, Amdocs plans to cover industry-specific business and operational support systems, and network control. The highlights of the v9.3 are Amdocs Commerce solution, which enables service providers to quickly create, manage and sell multi-play communications services; Amdocs Omni-channel Billing Experience tool, which supports sales with HTML-based billing that is easy for customers to understand.

v9.3 also offers new applications targeted to help service providers to effectively extract and manage data from multiple sources and to provide actionable insights to improve marketing and customer care operations.

Apart from this, businesses may also find the Resource Manager and Order Delivery Orchestrator in v9.3 solution to help with workflow management and delivery of traditional and virtualized services.

Talking about the CES v9.3, Chris Williams, Head of Global Marketing, Amdocs, says, “Amdocs CES 9.3 delivers cross-portfolio enhancements which improve systems performance, ensuring our customers can offer new services in a timely manner amidst complexity, while lowering operational costs.”