Amel Defense Launches Software for Simulation Based Military Training
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Amel Defense Launches Software for Simulation Based Military Training

By CIOReview | Monday, April 14, 2014

MISSISSAUGA, CN: Amel Defense, a part of Amel Group and a provider of simulation training services has launched custom designed software that provides aviation and training services, integrated enterprise solutions, excellent in-service support and contractor logistics support, reports Webwire.

The software helps customers in improving their efficiency, enhancing safety and in finding solutions to the challenging problems. Amel Defense builds air, land, and sea-based simulations that give real time experience to the user. Other features of the software include E-Learning, logistics, architectural design and constructions, and maintenance services.

Amel Group has partnered with airlines and Original Equipment Manufacturers to streamline the services for customers by providing training solutions to all divisions of defense. It also provides solutions for hands-on trainers and virtual maintenance trainers. To create a perfect simulation environment to the users, developments are done based on both hardware and software by the company.

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Other tools designed for the customers include latest flight simulation equipment, training systems like fast jets, maritime patrol, helicopter emergency and transport and tanker aircrafts.

 “Air, naval, army and joint simulations are all part of our repertoire and we scope the skies, the seas and land to help you understand situations that will help you solve real-time challenges. Immersive simulation environments that have been scrutinized, tested and honed to perfection are trademarks of every Amel Defense product and service. Front-running solutions for those at the front are what we aim to create. We understand that virtual reality military training is serious business and makes your excellence, our business,” said the company.

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