AML Risk Manager Assists National Bonds in Financial Risk Management

By CIOReview | Monday, November 30, 2015

BROOKFIELD, WI: For the detection, investigation and resolution of financial crimes and to ensure regulatory compliance, National Bonds has chosen Fiserv’s AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Risk Manager. The Risk Manager favors end-to-end transaction lifecycle management capabilities ranging from profiling and monitoring through to case management and reporting.

 “Our investment in AML Risk Manager from Fiserv reinforces National Bonds’ sustained belief in maintaining the highest standards of regulatory compliance and demonstrates our commitment in stepping up efforts to effectively monitor and proactively address money laundering and terrorist financing threats” says Ramesh MV, Executive Director, Risk & Compliance, National Bonds.

National Bonds, as an investment company refers to the responsible growth in complete compliance with regulatory requirements where the AML Risk Manager delivers powerful analytics and visualization. It offers behavioral profiling - the ability to quantify risk mitigation through investigation, and beneficial ownership insight. This serves users unparalleled configurability and puts the compliance team in control of the system which makes their work easier.

Fiserv’s solution puts forward a flexible, cost-effective platform that can readily accommodate new strategies, regulations and growth. The implementation of this powerful analytics and behavioral profiling platform helps National Bonds to check if the efforts are risk-intelligent and comprehensive. “AML Risk Manager will help National Bonds facilitate a customer centric, enterprise approach to financial crime risk management that is clearly evident to regulators,” notes Tim Grace, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Risk & Compliance Solutions, Fiserv.

The services offered by AML software include superior analysis, detection, investigation, link analysis, risk rating and mitigation, case management and FIU reporting to achieve live monitoring of customers and their transactions.