Ammeon Leverages Mirantis' OpenStack Offerings to Establish New Cloud Deployment Centre

By CIOReview | Monday, December 14, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Specialising in cloud and open source-based services, Ammeon is set to establish a Cloud Deployment Centre for the EMEA region in partnership with Mirantis, a pure-play OpenStack company.  As partners, both the companies will ensure successful delivery of customers’ IT-transformation projects in the region.

Ammeon will be delivering Mirantis’ OpenStack through its team of deployment specialists and system integration consultants to an expanding telecommunications customer base as part of the agreement. Working with clients to build out open private, public, and service-provider cloud solutions based on OpenStack, Mirantis uses open source tools to integrate the computing, network and storage capabilities which define an OpenStack infrastructure.

In competition with other giant OpenStack distributors in the market, Mirantis launched its own OpenStack distribution that works with various operating systems, including Red Hat, CentOS, and Ubuntu Linux back in 2013. Developed in partnership with IBM Softlayer, Managed OpenStack on Demand combines Mirantis' OpenStack distribution with Softlayer's hardware and data centers to provide an easily provisioned and configured bare metal cloud infrastructure that operates like a private cloud.

Additionally, the company has also headed Project Murano, an OpenStack application catalog project developed in association with other members of the OpenStack community to address the challenge of installing third party services and applications in a dynamic OpenStack environment.

“OpenStack adoption is exploding among telecommunications companies in EMEA, and Mirantis is the undisputed technology leader. Jointly establishing an EMEA Deployment Centre strengthens Ammeon’s capabilities in DevOps and OpenStack cloud deployment and deepens Mirantis’ local presence, giving our customers exceptional technical expertise for this emerging technology,” says Fred Jones, CEO, Ammeon.