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Amobee for Twitter, Tool for Advertisers to Find the Right Audience

By CIOReview | Monday, October 20, 2014

FOSTER CITY, CA: Advertising clients of Amobee now have a new reason to cheer. With the platform, Amobee for Twitter, Amobee is now an official Twitter Marketing Platform Partner. This platform runs on the Amobee Digital Marketing Platform using the cross channel Amobee DSP.

Amobee DSP enables mobile advertisers manage the entire ad exchange and data exchange through a single interface. Advertisers can generate great benefits from Amobee’s cutting edge machine learning algorithms and granular campaign management capabilities.

Amobee for Twitter analyzes the content consumption patterns across the globe. It achieves superior results across social, mobile, and the web by leveraging Amobee Brand Intelligence, real-time trend identification, historical consumer interests and keyword associations.

What Amobee brings to the brands and its marketing agencies is the value of effective identifying and targeting the right audience in real-time. The platform based on trending interests bubbles up the most compulsive ad messages and videos on Twitter.

Salient features of Amobee for Twitter are: campaign management; optimization and reporting on Amobee DSP; cross channel campaigns across mobile, social, display and video; real-time context discovery and trending analysis from Amobee Brand Intelligence; Influencer Indexing and Targeting; Intent Driven Keyword Analysis/Targeting; Customizable dashboards and reporting suite; 24/7 customer service and dedicated account management.