Amplified Endoscopic Imaging Solution from PENTAX
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Amplified Endoscopic Imaging Solution from PENTAX

By CIOReview | Friday, May 2, 2014

 FREMONT, CA: PENTAX Medical Company, a provider of endoscopic imaging launches endoPRO iQ 7.6, the company's latest version of its information technology (IT) and image management software for endoscopy units.

The new software advances industry best practices for endoscopic documentation, reporting and analysis of quality, efficiency and equipment utilization data. It further facilitates physicians and nursing staff to regulate schedules, track patients and equipment from arrival to discharge.

"With endoPRO iQ 7.6, we finally have a completely searchable endoscopic database. This has now become the foundation for our endoscopic research," said Jason Samarasena, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California.

endoPRO iQ 7.6 further archives procedure information and initiates GI unit reports. Its feature of easily capturing and interpreting procedure images helps nurses to seamlessly chart samples, vitals and medications.

"PENTAX Medical is committed to introducing both software and hardware innovations that enhance quality, boost efficiency and improve data management and security. The innovative features found in the endoPRO iQ 7.6 deliver on these important goals," said David Woods, President of PENTAX Medical, and Americas.

Additionally endoPRO iQ 7.6 is cross-platform compatible, it effortlessly interfaces with other clinical information and scheduling systems and is compatible to hospital information systems. Furthermore endoPRO iQ 7.6 new adaptive language engine generates written results in the same way as physicians speak and these features of endoPRO iQ 7.6 is certain to benefit healthcare industry.

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