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Amplifying Advertising and Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

By CIOReview | Friday, June 26, 2020

Whether it is Google or Tesla’s self-driven cars, AI is ruling all over. Assimilating these AI technologies into marketing can bring in substantial growth in the businesses.

Fremont, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is replicating the cognitive behavior of humans today. Its scope is well recognized in the advertising and marketing fields, where the professionals are required to make well-informed decisions and strategies for upscaling their business. Let us take a look at how Artificial intelligence is employed in advertising and marketing.

Recommendations and content curation

Application use predictive analytics to study consumer behavior and offer them the best recommendations and raises the satisfaction among the customers and therefore adds profitability to the business.

Algorithms for search engines

The organization must incorporate the most efficient and appropriate AI for the best results. The AI of Google, RankBrain, deploys machine learning where the algorithms of the search engine are trained to explicate the queries based on the intention of the user. This is why Google can yield better search results than many other search engines. 

Writing/ Content Creating Platform

Today, content creation integrates AI for delivering the best suitable content to the target audience. The AI integrated content writing platform uses real-time writing assistance and machine learning, which analyzes the content and provides suggestions that could engage the audience more.

Social Media Interpretations

What Facebook has done with its AI research is a striking landmark for a social networking site. Facebook uses intuitive AI, which enables the application to peruse over-head images of the landscapes and detect humans. Based on this analysis, they deploy internet drones to provide internet access to the ones who are devoid of it.

Automated Advertising

The function of advertisements is to steal the attention of the audience and convert them into loyal customers. To make the most out of it, AI blended advertisements are distributed across the market. Using Programmatic Advertising, Google has automated selling and purchasing of ad inventories with real-time bidding across several platforms and channels, which has benefitted better analysis of consumer behavior.

AI-enabled Emails

The key to succeeding in email marketing is composing compact, easily readable, and understandable emails. Phrasee has introduced an AI-enabled marketing platform for featuring emails that are more customer-oriented. These mechanisms strategically design the emails in a way that impels the users to acknowledge the emails.

Thus, it is evident that advertising and marketing owe a big share of their success to AI. Advertisements are more interactive and appealing today. Alongside manual labor, these technologies have also reduced the cost and improved decision-making capabilities of the organizations by incorporating appropriate ads and marketing skills.

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