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Amusement o'clock with AI

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 5, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence has been a major part of the media and entertainment industry through sci-fi movies and the ability to provide content creators with engaging innovations in the craft.

AI Production: The introduction of AI in production houses has helped in shortening the time required in making a movie, by effective automated technologies which might be able to create a cinema autonomously soon. It performs multiple tasks such as storyboarding, creating schedules, and managing movie budgets through an automated platform and completes auto-syncing of recorded clips.

Subtitles: The accurate subtitles generated by AI systems are produced with the help of natural language processing (NLP) that permits AI to synthesize speech and study the vocabulary used in the dialogues through neural networks. Alongside, AI tools provide details regarding the display of subtitles to the professionals to ensure the exact projection of synchronized captions of the streaming video.

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Sports: AI controls non-player characters that react to a player’s movements and actions and predicts the moves to be taken. AI models help in analyzing the changes in a player’s attitude under particular scenarios. AI has smart devices that enable the sports broadcaster to select an appealing shot and deliver those that can create engaging content. It can also be used to record and observe different movements of the players through drones and collect more precise insights.

Careful Steaming: With the help of AI, streaming can be checked based on content maturity like above 18 or 18+ and moderated on the platform with freedom as well as restrictions in different countries. It can perform sentiment recognition of the content and uses NLP to detect the offensive language in dialogues.

Recommendations: On online streaming platforms, AI helps in finding relevant content through optimizing search algorithms and referring to the previously watched videos also additionally personalizing the watchlist.

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AI technology has been used for marketing movies with interesting content and creates designs for posters of films and videos from the acquired data related to past releases in the industry. The world of entertainment has been utilizing much of the advancement of technology to produce high-quality content and efficient marketing tools.