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An AI platform launched to gain insights in Industrial IoT of Oil and Gas Industry

By CIOReview | Friday, June 21, 2019

An AI Platform that is built to connect with industrial IoT platforms to solve issues related to last mile operations in oil and gas industry, Heavy machinery manufacturing, and specialty chemicals has been launched as Cerebra Digital Twin 2.0 

FREMONT, CA: Flutura recently announced its Industrial IoT platform—Cerebra Digital Twin 2.0, a comprehensive and simplified version of the previously released Cerebra. The product has been developed for large-scale operations, where the attainment of real-time insights on the last mile operations is necessary and can create a difference in perception and increase the efficiency of processes.

The Cerebra Digital Twin 2.0, an AI Platform with over 400+ features is easy to model and self-serviceable. It designed to configure to any industrial IoT equipment in 6 steps seamlessly.

1.    Define the equipment structure
2.    Define the key attributes
3.    Define manufacturer and models
4.    Configure operating unit
5.    Configure diagnostic tests
6.    Connect Machine/Equipment data

The founders of Flutura aimed to tackle understated engineering issues in the oil and gas industry and increase visibility into last mile operations in real time. They have focused energies on building a product that could address the issues at a huge scale. When questioned about the journey of Flutura toward the conception of Cerebra, the General Manager of Americas, Greg Slater reminisces, “It has been a serendipitous journey of experiments, ending with the identification of the solution, Cerebra Artificial Intelligence Platform tuned for IIoT, at the last mile.”

The company has had unique insights on industrial issues in large-scale companies from sectors like special chemicals, heavy machinery manufacturing, and oil and gas industry. Flutura is now at a stage where specific problems related to particular processes are addressed with finely tuned digital assistants.

The Cerebra Digital Twin 2.0, the latest of the offerings is by definition a digital replica of equipment, formed from bridging the gap between the physical and virtual world with data transmission. It enables seamlessly functioning of both entities from the virtual and physical world simultaneously. It can integrate physical elements, heuristics, and machine learning based models to produce actions that can be applied as business insights.

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