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An Approach toward Accessible Unified Communication

By CIOReview | Friday, May 31, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The technological revolution is driving the workplaces into a new era of flexibility, collaboration, and enhanced connectivity. Over the years, organizations have witnessed a steady increase in connected devices, automated bots, advanced analytics, security, and privacy concerns which have intensified the complexity of the communication landscape. As a result, enterprise communications are scrambling to meet the rapidly changing modern communication demands.

The transition into the new era of communication technology can be challenging for many organizations. Many organizations utilize multiple vendors to meet their communication needs, and others leverage unified communication (UC) vendors to offer additional services. As a result, they have failed to provide a consistent and unified communication service to the end user. The current communication needs call for the unification of on-premises private branch exchange (PBX) telephony with universally accessible communication and collaboration (UC&C).

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To meet this demand, hybrid solutions have been developed to empower IT departments in integrating cloud-based UC&C. They offer vital communication services such as presence, messaging, web conference, video, files, and application sharing with the existing PBX hardware. It not only optimizes the communication system investments but will also enable a seamless migration into the cloud.

Business operation transforms gradually over time according to the changing requirements. An ideal solution is the one which accommodates both the traditional communication approach as well as advanced communication services. Businesses cannot abruptly change their strategies, as it will not only alienate users but will also disrupt the business operations. Leveraging hybrid cloud deployments can eliminate the risks by augmenting the existing technology and integrating it with modern communication systems.

An excellent communication platform needs to possess functional workflow integration, borderless communication, mobility, and global access. Adopting open architectures will allow seamless integration of collaboration tools into the business operations. Communication platforms offering voice, video, and document sharing can be utilized as an extension of PBX to enhance peer-to-peer and group collaboration.

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When incorporating new technologies to deliver connected workflows, organizations need to assess the benefits of the evolving trends over the existing platforms. Learning end-user preferences will aid the IT departments in offering the optimal services, ensuring a seamless transition to the new communication platforms.