An Overview of AI and ML in Media and Entertainment
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An Overview of AI and ML in Media and Entertainment

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 6, 2019

AI and ML will keep pushing innovation, communication, and interactivity to new levels in the media and entertainment arena.

FERMONT, CA: AI is gaining prominence in the media and entertainment sector. There are countless ways in which Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning gain traction in the industry, from content creation to speech recognition.

Besides continuing developments in content personalization, there will be more integration across media experiences, such as digital video and traditional television, and extensive use of digital assistants to help discover content. Ultimately, AI will be used to create content and help drive experiences of immersive Virtual Reality (VR). With VR and AR techniques, AI is becoming a new type of entertainment media providing fully immersive experiences with smart features.

AI has altered the media landscape significantly— both in the manner audiences discover and communicate with content, and the way content is produced and circulated to audiences. Currently, algorithms affect not only what viewers see on distinct platforms, but also the content that is first created. While media has traditionally been a data-driven company, AI essentially changes both the conduct of the crowd and the creative process.

Media and entertainment change from a "watch only" medium to be fully interactive by providing fully interactive capacities. We also see entertainment extending into our daily life from the cinemas. These modifications are also resonating in the home. Video-on-demand is progressively the medium of choice for consuming premium material on television or device.

Media businesses need to deploy technology and execute strategies to collect information on a scale to be successful. Perhaps most importantly, AI is going to be at the forefront of creativity–the force that eventually drives the media company. Artists with an AI-enabled feedback loop based on real-time consumption metrics will improve their creative batting average, thereby increasing manufacturing and commercial ROI.

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