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An Update to Katabat's Customer Experience Management

By CIOReview | Monday, April 30, 2018

As customer experience management evolves into a standalone industry that focuses on delivering the highest value to customers, Katabat announces its latest Katabat 8.1 updates in order to deliver improvements to the company’s existing experience management suite of solutions. Katabat’s expertise majorly caters to 3 genres: Regulatory compliance, customer satisfaction and enhancement of operational efficiency. The newer 8.1 version of its solution effectively optimizes mobile customer marketing communications while adequately benefitting strategists and associates.

Focusing on the customer experience aspect of solutions portfolio, the update brings core enhancements with improved and responsive email design and a more intuitive mobile interface for its customers. Additionally, the update introduces a file uploading functionality which is made accessible through the strategist portal. Owing to this feature, users can derive greater benefit from Katabat’s unified omnichannel messaging features, thereby enhancing the flexibility of sharing files for marketing campaigns.

As most consumer-focused companies aim to achieve an integrated deployment methodology at a customer level, they can strengthen multiple consumer accounts by maximizing the strategies obtained from the latest updates. The customer workflow feature also delivers an automation process module parallel to an event triggering module which provides effective customer experiences, thereby achieving adequate consistency and efficiency in customer engagement and messaging services.