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Analytics-driven Culture-Beneficial for Both Individuals and Businesses

By CIOReview | Monday, July 23, 2018

Any organization has two most significant assets—workforce and data. Therefore, organizations create an environment where its people can examine data to arrive at informed decisions that drive the business forward. By enabling its people to explore data within a reliable and safe environment, organizations empower employees to recognize the potential of the data combine it, and make smart decisions using analytic tools and applications.

An analytics-driven culture allows businesses to access the right data and at the right time. Anyone can discover valuable insights and improve the end outcomes. Several organizations have already adopted the culture of analytics to a great extent.

Collaboration is another important aspect of this culture. By collaborating, people can quickly share their data and analysis with other employees in the organization. Therefore, each employee can build on the other’s discoveries to execute his or her own analysis. Companies offering professional services drive their data analytics and discoveries with the rest of their team. However, building a culture is not something that happens overnight. It demands continuous focus and strategic decision-making capabilities.

With sophisticated data analytics platforms, organizations do not need to forgo governance for self-service or vice versa. Rather, a new type of association forms between IT and the business with the aim of accomplishing a common end goal.

An analytics-driven culture benefits both the individuals and the businesses. Enabling individuals to investigate data also helps them unite with a purpose larger than themselves. Being able to deliver better customer service or bringing a positive change are few of the examples of purpose-oriented work. It’s extremely interesting to know how an organization is analyzing its purpose and how is it impacting its progress.

Having a culture of analytics is equivalent to having a clear business objective. It means investing in the right people and the right technology. Given the advent of digitization, analytics is the first step to gain an advantage, but only those with the appropriate culture will pass through it.

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