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AnalyticsIQ and PeerLogix collaborate to Help Businesses Reach Audiences Based on Their Streaming Media Behaviour.

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 31, 2018

AnalyticsIQ, a dynamic and fast-growing company, which is an innovator of predictive analysis and marketing data, and PeerLogix, a company which collects and catalogs data on the OTT(over the top) platform, announced their partnership based on data sharing. The partnership is powered by Acxiom, a database marketing company. The partnership will allow brands to engage with a relevant customer base, based on their streaming history. Consumers will also get benefitted by this partnership, as they will be offered endorsements meeting their needs. This will be a new type of marketing based on behavioral data and predictive analysis of the data accumulated based on streaming on the digital platform. According to a survey by eMarketer, an average U.S. adult spends almost 12 hours a day streaming media on the digital platform. Netflix alone streams 1 billion hours of media per week. The trend to stream media on the digital platform is on an upward spiral only and it is showing no signs of slowing down. This partnership will allow brands to reach a target customer who love certain type of programs on the streaming platform and are also likely to buy a certain product. For example, personal care shoppers who love tuning into sports programs can be shown endorsements based on personal care and beauty products.

Ray Colwell, Chief Executive Officer of PeerLogix states "Consumers are streaming content at a rapid pace. That's where PeerLogix comes in. We bring a unique set of data to the table that can't be found anywhere else," "We immediately capture consumer streaming behavior - from movies to music - and make this data available to marketers for targeting. By layering on AnalyticsIQ's spend and shopping related data, we're really giving brands the one-two punch to be able to reach individuals who love certain types of content and also have the likelihood to make certain types of purchases."

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