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And the Winner is…Gamification!

By CIOReview | Friday, June 28, 2019

In order to raise the visibility and standards, restaurants implement with an out-of-the-box approach of posting series of custom games on the internet with attractive offers, ultimately ending up as trendsetters in different industries.

FREMONT, CA: The typical elements of gameplay, such as point scoring and competition, made for the engagement of the customers can only be seen in the world of gamification. Industries are increasingly implementing gamification; particularly the hospitality organizations are utilizing the technology to boost their customer loyalty by creating more enjoyable experiences and offers for their guests as rewards for their loyalty toward the brand.

It creates a healthy connection when a consumer and the company form a strong tie, besides the supposed value can persuade a consumer’s choices more than the actual cost. Rewards feel more precious when hotels offer a chance to earn or win incentives. If utilized correctly, it can create an experience that guests will remember, further increasing their ties to a brand name.

While restaurants successfully renovate a marketing offer into a fun experience for visitors, the results go way beyond the initial uptick in revenue. Indoor games, front-desk sport, and playoffs associated with an event or conference lend a hand to inspire more long-term brand loyalty and added reliability program sign-ups while unchaining a treasure trove of behavioral data and customer insights.

Fun and Easy:

An exciting and jaw-dropping experience can engage guests and encourage them to participate in the game because mundane or complex games can create an unfavorable impression on the brand’s creativity.

Healthy Experience:

Customers essentially want personalization, but over-customizing without the guest buy-in can raise privacy concerns. For instance, any game that showcases the details of any personal travel of the guest can make the customer uncomfortable and prompt them to question the tracking solutions of the restaurant.

And the Award Goes to:

Any game that does not come with a reward can be a turn-off for the guests, and it is likely that they might not get attracted to it anymore. A game that is engaging enough can attract click-throughs, but should always include a reward so that the guests do not feel cheated on.

Gamification can be an exciting method of building engagement and revenue, besides by adding the tech to the existing loyalty programs, hospitality companies can get into a rich source of information, which will let them surprise their guests with new ideas.

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