Ansell Unveils Alpha Tec 58-128 with ANSELL GRIP Technology for Workers

By CIOReview | Friday, December 18, 2015

ISELIN, NJ: Ansell, provider of protection solutions, has introduced AlphaTec 58-128, a light duty glove with optimal performance and flexibility for workers, who are exposed to irritant contact fluids in the workplace. 

Based on Thin Nitrile Technology, AlphaTec 58-128 features ANSELL GRIP Technology, which provides more precise handling of small oily or wet parts, and reduces hand weariness. It enhances dexterity, safety, and productivity. 

“We found that workers handling chemicals on a daily basis were getting necessary chemical protection, but having to compromise comfort, dexterity, or tactility as a result. Workers in this environment need a glove that encourages natural movement and reduces hand fatigue just as much as they need protection against chemicals, which is why we’re proud to introduce the AlphaTec 58-128 ,” says Steve Genzer, President and GM, Ansell Industrial Global Business Unit. 

Ideal for sectors, like chemical, metal fabrication, automotive, agriculture and machinery & equipment, The AlphaTec 58-128 gives superior hand protection against oils and other irritant fluids, consisting selective chemical risks with forearm splash protection. Its ergonomic construction joins stretchable open weave knit liner and flexible nitrile formulation coating to deliver enhanced agility and tactility for prolonged periods of wear for the worker. It matches to the shape of the wearer’s hand, allowing natural movement. 

In addition, AlphaTec models with white nylon liner are suggested for indoor applications, however, AlphaTec models with black acrylic liner are proposed for outdoor applications.