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Answers To Critical Questions about AI Integrated Future

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Do the customers trust AI? Is transparency an important quality for AI? Answering the questions concerning AI to carve out a trustworthy technology for the future.

FREMONT, CA: Except for data scientists, not all professionals can understand the labyrinthine AI systems that work its algorithms on massive datasets, a norm now in automation in numerous spheres of life. The awareness building across Europe is to make AI more accessible and dependable. Encouraging transparency and AI is the way to make it accurate. 

Building a Harmonised Ethical Approach to AI

The common belief is that Europe is leading the AI ethics bandwagon, which many other countries have been following. It has collectively laid the foundation for the future with AI that is trustworthy and accountable. The Charter on AI ethics, the EU commission’s high-level group on AI, believes that consumer trust is fulfilling the gap between human and the AI.

Human-Down Technology Delivers Understanding

An automated decision-making model based on human expertise is what the market needs regardless of whether the legislation can enforce it or not. By situating people at the centre of the automated decision making a sphere, AI productivity is improved and avails trust and understanding. It is necessary to understand that the results obtained from the AI are not influenced by tactics, but are extracted from the data insights, which exist about a particular customer. For example, if an AI tool detects error and gives out a message explaining to the customer what the problem is, the customer will demand to talk to an executive and will be satisfied only when the human tells the same message.

Business-Friendly Implementation

To build the perfect customer understanding and trust in AI as planned by the EU Commissions, the businesses which have AI implemented need to understand thoroughly how its tools work. The very nature of incorporating tools and processes is essential as it requires the consultation of technical AI specialists working with the in-house subject matter expert to formulate an answer to any of the blocks that arise. It is necessary to do so in its language. The correlation between the increase in human-monitored AI and the sudden push towards transparency is no coincidence; they are interdependent. Hence, it acts as the most significant benefit to deploying an AI platform that is governed by rules that formulated by the subject matter experts, who can always provide an enhanced clarity on how and why decisions are automated!  

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