ANSYS 16.2 Now Available with Enhancements for Product Designs

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 27, 2015

PITTSBURGH, PA: ANSYS, a provider of engineering simulation software, releases ANSYS 16.2 with new capabilities to optimize product designs. ANSYS 16.2 helps engineers to create virtual prototypes, giving them a picture of how the product will operate in the real world. The advances and improvements in the software cover structures, fluids, electronics, systems simulation, and engineering solutions.

The key features of ANSYS 16.2 include systems simulation through which engineers can simulate complete systems which was not possible earlier. A part of this simulation approach is possible through changes made in ANSYS Simplorer, which is a platform for multi-disciplinary systems modeling. ANSYS 16.2 uses Simplorer to assemble and simulate electrical, electronic, thermo-fluid, mechanical and embedded software components, and offering 3D precision when needed.

ANSYS 16.2 offers advancements in systems engineering through ANSYS AIM, which is a multiphysics simulation environment. This release contains several major advances in ANSYS AIM including conjugate heat transfer, compressible flows, nonlinear structural contact, and fatigue. In order to provide customized workflows to industries, ANSYS has added new capabilities to the Workbench platform and the ANSYS Customization Toolkit (ACT), which will help users to customize simulation tools and accelerate the overall design process and workflows.

"We're offering engineers the most advanced engineering solution technologies on the market to predict real-world product performance using accurate, fast and reliable simulation. By leveraging these new capabilities, enterprises will gain competitive advantage in a competitive market," says Jim Cashman, president and CEO, ANSYS.