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ANSYS's Simulation Software Resolves Complex Design Challenges

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 8, 2016

PITTSBURGH, PA: ORECA and Red Bull Racing Formula One have recently entered into an agreement with ANSYS, provider of engineering simulation. ANSYS helps companies with solutions in bringing clarity and insight to their customer’s complex design challenges and provide high quality product designs.

ORECA will leverage ANSYS High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software for aerodynamic testing while Red Bull Racing Formula One will use the company’s cutting-edge technology for enhancing vehicle designs.

The software leveraged by ORECA will enable them in speeding up development time while optimizing design for high performance and precision. This will help the manufacturer save both time and money.  The combination of HPC and CFD software will enable engineers to go through many design iterations and make necessary changes before physically testing them. It will also empower ORECA to simulate air flow through its car designs.

David Floury, Technical Director, ORECA stated that the solutions provided by ANSYS will strengthen the engineers of their company in evaluating and optimizing a lot of product design ideas, thereby leading to enhanced product performance and integrity across different operating conditions.

On the other hand, Red Bull Racing Formula One through its agreement with ANSYS will look to get a competitive edge over its rivals on the track by accelerating its performance along with optimizing its vehicle design enhancements. As there is very limited scope of physical testing amidst race deadlines, the use of this software would prove to be beneficial to assess, select and optimize designs for aero-critical components.

Nathan Sykes, Head of Numerical Tools and Technologies, Red Bull Racing said, "Virtual simulation and analysis now makes up such a significant part of our design process, it's essential to be working closely with the CFD industry's leading software supplier – and certainly contributes to our competitive advantage on track."

Both ORECA and Red Bull Racing Formula One utilizes ANSYS’s software to gain an upper hand over its competitors. As such, the Director of Global Automotive Industry at ANSYS, Sandeep Sovani stated that companies usually look for the elusive competitive edge; their company, by providing cutting-edge, fast and reliable tools helps the clients in optimizing every aspect of the design process with hundred percent accuracy.