Antivia and Composite Apps Together Offer Interactive Dashboard for Organizations

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Composite Apps, a provider of Business Intelligence solutions, is partnering with Antivia to deliver an interactive dashboard for organizations. The dashboard enables employees to encourage the adoption of a data driven culture.

The dashboard will be developed with Antivia’s DecisionPoint software using Composite Apps’ design-centric approach that streamlines requirements and delivers business value.  Composite Apps team can create interactive dashboards without coding. The partnership will ensure customers’ enjoy powerful, informative and user-friendly analytics that can be delivered effectively to large numbers of user across an enterprise. The intuitive dashboards can be used without any prior training.

DecisionPoint Enterprise offers an easier way of creating interactive dashboards with coding and has the ability to work against existing data sources. Users can create sophisticated dashboards by adding custom columns, color-coded alerts, dynamic filters, multiple views and custom workflows.

"Antivia has been looking to establish a center of excellence in DecisionPoint skills on the West Coast, and we feel we have found a perfect partner in Composite Apps,” says Mark Hudson, CEO, Antivia. “They have the right approach to delivering information across an organization with a sharp focus on user adoption, which reflects our core values."