Anybill Partners with Intacct to Drive Increased Automation of Back-end Processes

By CIOReview | Friday, March 25, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Anybill, a provider of cloud-based accounts payable solutions, announces a partnership with Intacct, a provider of cloud ERP software, to create a seamless connection between the two cloud-based systems. As part of the expanded relationship, Anybill will integrate its accounts payable software with Intacct and the accounts payable solution will now be available to Intacct customers on the Intacct Marketplace.

The two companies are focusing on building a system that is open and offers the ability to easily connect with other key applications from across an organization. The connection between Anybill and Intacct will enable joint customers to more easily eliminate inefficiencies and drive increased automation into their back-office processes.

Anybill Connect 360 allows accounting packages to receive data from and send that data back as well. Through the alliance, Intacct will also be supported by this feature. Accounting data such as invoice and payment information, dimensions, and attachments such as check and bill images are created and stored in Anybill, and then seamlessly pushed to Intacct. When new dimensions or vendors will be added to Intacct, Anybill will retrieve that data for future use.

The accounts payable software, Anybill also allows organizations to fully streamline their accounts payable operations and manage the entire process, from invoice intake and approval routing to payment processing and remittance. The solution eliminates manual, paper-based workflows, reduces approval routing delays, and automates payment processing.

“The combination of Anybill and Intacct creates great value for organizations that use our solutions, both current clients and prospective ones,” says Manny Siddiqui, Chief Technology Officer, Anybill.