AOPEN launches cTILE 22 Touch Solution to Serve Commercial Environments
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AOPEN launches cTILE 22 Touch Solution to Serve Commercial Environments

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 28, 2021
Aaron Pompey, General Manager

Aaron Pompey, General Manager

AOPEN launches cTILE 22 touch solution with delighting features and a wide range of applications.

FREMONT, CA: AOPEN, founded in 1996, is a global technology company specializing in smart products and services for cloud-based applications. “As the only provider of Commercial Chrome solutions, AOPEN shares a unique, multi-tiered relationship with Google for product design, engineering support, and customer engagement,” says Aaron Pompey.

The company introduces cTILE 22 to its expanding commercial Chrome portfolio, which also includes the cTILE 15, and cTILE 19 touch solutions. The product cTILE 22, powered by the AOPEN Chromebox Mini, is built for 24/7 commercial environments. The commercial-grade cTile 22 comes with a 22-inch screen incorporating a broad spectrum of kiosk applications including check-in, ticketing, loyalty programs, wayfinding, as well as a variety of DOOH applications.

The delighting features of cTile 22 include a full HD resolution, with 16:9 aspect ratio and can be viewed in both landscape and portrait without affecting the angle quality, making it a perfect match for integration into different kiosks. AOPEN Chrome devices are fanless and are passively cooled, resulting in the dustproof and solid-state device causing it to fit in any environment whether it is dusty, greasy, or humid. Further, it can tolerate any temperature and has a hidden power button for public use.

The fanless design and the flash storage, solid-state disk (SSD) enable the device to be shock and vibration resistant. The device is free from any moving parts, and thus it can be fixed in any moving vehicles to show transportation information as in buses and for signage on cruise ships. The device is protected by a bezel and for additional assistance during fixing, it is provided with optional accessories and stands. Additionally, its tamper-proof design with Kensington slot enhances security for the device.

cTILE 22 can be connected to a variety of compatible peripherals like scanners, card readers, and fingerprint readers with the available expansion options via USB ports.

“The demand for flexible hardware solutions in commercial environments is on the rise, especially as the guest experience becomes more personalized, interactive, and mobile,” said Aaron Pompey, GM, AOPEN America. “With its history and experience delivering commercial touchscreen solutions, AOPEN delivers excellence by tapping into its expertise, its cross-platform capabilities, and its robust partner ecosystem,” adds Pompey. AOPEN was featured in CIOReview as one of the 20 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers 2019.