Apache Spark 1.6 Amplifies BI Solutions to Uncover Insights from Diverse Data Sources

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 19, 2016

MENLO PARK, CA: ClearStory Data, a global provider of data intelligent platform, is ready to release its upcoming Apache Spark Platform version 1.6. The platform will accelerate ClearStory’s existing data intelligent solutions by expanding the answering capacity for users. ClearStory’s quick responses help enterprises to overcome critical business questions with ClearStory Interactive Storyboards. Compared to the traditional time consuming BI response to users, but the latest version of ClearStory enables more data and sources to respond instantly for every business questions.

“Instead of sharing just a single big-data storyline in a single dashboard, the new Storyboards mode enables groups of users to share multiple storylines in an interactive manner. Not only can users see how different big data sets correlate and compare, they can watch as the story unfolds, similar to scenes unfolding in a movie”, says Sharmila Mulligan, Data Founder and CEO, ClearStory.

ClearStory’s solution enlarges data modeling process cost effectively. The solution provides data diversity, and high speed of data movement in a challenging environment. The effective features of ClearStory’s Apache Spark 1.6 provide 2X advancement in scan throughput. It upgrades results by enhancing query, ad-hoc exploration performance and large data expansion i.e. more than 50 percent faster than previous. The Spark 1.6 software facilitates large scale productivity of data processing and also improves Intelligent Data Harmonization. This advanced platform incorporates dynamic memory management which significantly tunes execution and allocates cache-memory in real-time. The upgraded version also enhances convoluted data discovery on large data streams.

“On-demand data discovery and fast ad-hoc exploration leading to new insights and material business outcomes is now an enterprise priority versus old ways of using predetermined dashboard reporting. Businesses need fast answers using complex data that's constantly changing. Spark 1.6 in ClearStory's platform and business-friendly application drives even faster analysis and answers with large volumes of disparate data to make self-driven data decisions,” Comments, Ali Tore, CPO, ClearStory Data.