API Becoming a High Level Security Concern says Security Survey by Akana

By CIOReview | Monday, August 17, 2015

LAS VEGAS, NV: Akana, a provider of API Management, API Security and Cloud Integration solutions has released the survey results for Global State of API Security Survey 2015. The study covered over 250 security practitioners that included CSOs, CISOs, and security architects.

The main aim of the survey was evaluating the maturity of API security practices among the digital enterprise. The results disclosed that many were taking steps to secure API access but only few had taken the initiative to secure sensitive data access through API.

With API becoming a medium for exchanging data both internally and externally, web based threat are becoming a major concern resulting in identification of security for increase threat and vulnerability.

According to the survey, more than half of the respondents reported that they did not have proper system to manage their API securely. Enterprises are exposed to unauthorized access to data through an API with the growing use in mobile apps and IoT’s.

The study suggests that as the adoption of API increases, especially in businesses and IT, security is becoming more of a higher level concern. Of the several concerns, JSON Scheme, DDoS, Message-Level security, and Encryption are among the top API security threat.

The survey also points out that the growing use of API, recognize the enterprises’ need for security and lessens threats as high performing company encourage core digital capability and API to move ahead.

“APIs are new enough in the enterprise that people want the latest on how industry peers are dealing with security threats. We felt there was an opportunity to ask others to share their insights and worries. The survey report should be a helpful starting point for determining best practices in API security going forward,” says Roberto Medrano, EVP at Akana.