API Management Solutions Make Enterprise Digital Market Sustainable

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 16, 2015

FREMONT, CA: A tool for building software applications and governing the interaction of software, Application Program Interface (API) provides all building blocks necessary to design a program. APIs are leveraged by businesses and boost their investments in mobile, IoT and Big Data, reports Michael Yamnitsky, COMPUTERWORLDUK.

Earlier APIs were limited to system hardware and applications of any operating system but today APIs are specified by websites like Amazon and eBay. Third party software developers also use Web APIs to design software solutions for users.

API management is the process of publishing, promoting and commanding APIs in a safe and extensible work flow. It also supports resources created by end-users to describe and document the API. The CIOs, CTOs and head of development departments are merging with business entrepreneurs to manage APIs used by organization.

Forrester, a research and advisory firm in its recent report assumed that the North American companies’ annual expenditure on API management will quadruple by the end of this decade taking over the global market with billion dollar statistics.

Randy Heffner in his report says APIs form a critical foundation for modern business and applications as well as they integrate rapid digital business change, broad ecosystem connectivity and customer relationship activities. This is the major reason that withdrew Oracle, HP and IBM to enter the market as API management became the foundation to sell PaaS, predictive analytics and platforms for life cycle management.

According to Michael Yamnitsky, COMPUTERWORLDUK, API management solution providers are not keeping pace with buyers’ peculiar demands and take less effort to improve their solutions. Therefore these API vendors if acquired by businesses, API management solution will establish healthy competitive market.

API management enable enterprises to expose their applications and other information assets for reuse in new web, mobile and cloud apps ultimately boosting their economical streams and revenue margins, reads ca technologies.

COMPUTERWORLDUK surveys reports that only 40 percent enterprises adopt API management solutions whereas rest organizations are not taking initiatives to develop their digital markets. This statistics can result in undesired revenue and profit margins of such firms.