Api.ai Launches Platform Agnostic Voice Interface for Connected Cars

By CIOReview | Friday, July 17, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Api.ai, a conversational interface platform for connected devices, launches the first open, customizable voice user interface platform for the connected car. With open api.ai, auto manufacturers will be able to offer a customizable and personalized Siri-like voice interface specialized for Internet-connected cars for the first time.

Automakers can use api.ai to integrate voice-enable and support functionalities in the following spaces: apps, authentication, booking, calculator, finance, maps, navigation, points of interest, small talk, social networks, smart home, time & dates, weather, web browsing, and wisdom. Api.ai will enable carmakers to quickly integrate customizable conversational functionality with advanced modern systems while retaining ownership of data, and leveraging technologies that are tested and proven by over seven thousand developers and millions of users. For autos, api.ai is a voice interface that is platform agnostic and can work with any operating system.

Programmers can add speech interface to their apps and devices allowing them to understand and perform verbal requests. The platform is based upon the natural language processing engine behind Speaktoit's Assistant, the voice assistant app. It creates a mapping between language and data structures to allow programmers to create a natural user interface that is well-defined.

“IHS recently released a report showing that in just four years, a majority of all new cars will be voice enabled. People using voice interfaces in cars expect experiences comparable to the best they’ve had, and rightly so.  Api.ai is a natural fit to expand into autos because before us, there was no open solution to the glaring problem of creating your own voice interface that can compete with the best out there,” said Ilya Gelfenbeyn, CEO and co-founder, api.ai.