App from Function Point makes Tracking of Time Spent on Individual Projects Easy

By CIOReview | Monday, October 12, 2015

VANCOUVER, CA: Function Point Softwares ventures into reducing the burden of project management by introducing a Time Tracking App for iPhone and Apple Watch, specifically for creative agencies and advertising firms. Available on the App Store for free download, the app tracks the time spent on specific work, while travelling or when working at multiple locations.

The app consists of a timer; which can be started when a particular task is started and stopped when completed. It tracks the time spent on each task and the free time to calculate the time each project takes and plan resources accordingly, no matter whether the user is offline or online. It can be used as an effective method to streamline business and increases productivity.

The product support team had been working on a new API for its project management software and was constantly engaged in consultations with the client. This clashed with their deadlines and instances of unnecessary delays. It was then that the company realized the scope for an app to track time and enterprises can catch up with lagging work by taking proactive measures. To develop this app, Function Point borrowed help from Conquer Mobile, an enterprise mobile app developing firm.

The app offers functionalities like managing workflow and tasks, online creative proofing, invoice creation, integration with QuickBooks, tracking time and expenses, delegating tasks, communicating with team members via messages. Employees are provided with management tools that ideally builds internal work culture.