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App Redesign to Boost Your Conversion Rate

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 22, 2018

If you have an app that was developed more than a year ago, it’s time you redesign it and improve the product. At some point, it becomes essential for a product owner to walk through “Application Redesign” phase.

It’s important to understand how to distinguish the apps that are to be redesigned.  When you rebrand your company or a product, that could impact the app, it is required that it is upgraded significantly based on the new vision of the brand.  It’s also the time to redesign your app if it has started losing its popularity, with users finding more faults in the app, leading to negative feedback.

Users continue to expect a better application while they continuously use more modern apps with intuitive UI and attracting design. Once you start following the latest UI trends that are in vogue, it is not just the appearance of the app that is made more attractive, but also its usability is enhanced, resulting in better customer retention through word of mouth.

Almost all apps today use AI technology to understand their users, learn their preferences and deliver exactly that requirement. Some of the modern applications allow users to choose from several themes, create stickers, and manage the tools from a toolbar. These simple features result in a personalized UI of an application. Also, an improved performance of the app greatly affects the user experience and can help you secure top position on the app store charts. You can redesign your app, with a reduced size of the images and graphics, and also by removing unwanted designs.

Top brands like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Uber redesign their apps quite often, knowing how great it can affect their business. Redesigning a mobile app is certainly one of the main steps you should take to stay ahead of your competitors. Those who do not comprehend its importance, lose the conversion rate, with competitors emerging every day.