Apperian Discloses Insights from Enterprise Key Mobility Trends of 2015

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 5, 2016

BOSTON, MA: Apperian, the mobile application management firm provides a platform and an enterprise app store to deliver their apps to the target user.  The enterprise launches ‘Deploying Mobile Apps That Matter: 2015’ Enterprise Mobile App Trend Report to benchmark current trends.

Public sector organizations are concentrating on building and deploying custom mobile apps for workers. Some of the capabilities provided by Apperian can act as solution for Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Non-MDM devices. It also protects sensitive data using built-in encryption from Identity server that authenticates and restricts system access and app distribution based on user’s role.

Document management solution of Apperian possess great strength, empowering tablet user’s to edit effortlessly. "Our research revealed some unexpected, yet actionable insights," asserted Mark Lorion, Chief Marketing Officer at Apperian. 

Key findings of the Enterprise Mobile App Trend Report 2015 include:

Portfolio of mobile apps to serve their workforce

The app portfolio has proliferated the count of apps deployed by the companies. Insights are drawn from both – companies that have deployed hundreds of mobile apps as well as those with less than five apps in their workflow. The report in turn displays that the number of apps deployed does not reflect the organization’s success.

Technology organizations lead in number of enterprise mobile apps deployed

Analyzing the technology companies with their enterprise mobility programs, Apperian's study found that Semiconductor and Computer Hardware providers have the largest number of apps deployed constituting 26 percent of the results. IT Services and Consulting organizations were ranked second with 11.1 percent of total apps deployed, followed by Public Sector with 11 percent, Financial Services -  8.4 percent, Healthcare - 7.4 percent, Communications - 6.3 percent and others.

Enterprise Mobile Apps tend to be a function

Majority of the enterprise apps are developed for mobile-oriented business role like Sales and Marketing (17.7 percent) and Field Services (15.3 percent). The published report highlights specific apps on each category and details on functionality, the custom apps are delivering. Expense management app is the most frequently downloaded app as found across the study.

Best practices to secure Enterprise Mobile App

Mobile project sponsors in the organization must act as the "general manager" and drive all aspects surrounding the app, including app functionality, end-user promotions, support processes and help desk, user feedback, and the financials around the app.  The report also notes that apps must be easy to find, intuitive to use and aligned by user role along with the easy availability of app usage analytics.