Apperian Provides APIs for Mobile App Management System

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 25, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Apperian, a mobile application management and enterprise app store platform, has announced the exposure of various sections of their platform in the form of open APIs as reported by Ron Miller, Techcrunch. This step will enable the developers to access different levels of Apperian tool while reaping advantages of security, lifecycle management, and distribution constituents that are developed by Apperian without purchasing the entire platform.

Previously, organizations had to buy complete platform even if they needed only a part of it. The new step of exposing the individual features via API is offering customers the ability to use any part of the product stack in their enterprise mobile apps without purchasing the entire package. For instance, by accessing the latest API organizations will be capable of using security bits without applying the lifecycle management or catalog feature.

The developers can focus on the particular sections of the app that they are comfortable with, while not worrying about the safety and management issues, as the business logic ideas are separated from the core elements on the Apperian platform.

“As for IT, they have applications they may not want to change, but they can use our technology to constantly update and upgrade security and management. Security and management can evolve separately [from the rest of the app],” Chris Hazelton, Director of Product Marketing and Strategy, Apperian.

The differentiating factor of Apprian’s application in wider enterprise mobility management (EMM) arena is that it does not protect the device like mobile device management (MDM) providers such as VMware AirWatch or MobileIron. Apprian’s approach empowers consumers to secure the app independent of device while allowing the client to share the apps with workers and external groups including contractors or partners.

“One of the hallmarks of our approach is that we can put security around individual apps and can distribute apps securely to unmanaged devices,” says Mark Lorion, Chief Marketing and Product Officer, Apperian.