AppEx CloudExpress to Speed-up Data Transport in Azure

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 20, 2015

MILPITAS, CA: AppEx Networks, a provider of data transport acceleration announces the availability of AppEx CloudExpress as a certified solution on the Azure Marketplace.

AppEx CloudExpress is a data transport acceleration software that significantly speeds up data transport and delivers better end-user experience for cloud applications. It is designed to be installed on application, web or cache servers to accelerate all TCP traffic flowing out from the origin, without requiring either hardware or software on the end user's side. It works for mobile applications and long distance accesses. CloudExpress is a single-ended cloud acceleration solution.

CloudExpress is the company’s cloud offering in LotServer product line. The solution combines with AppEx’s ZetaTCP technology to speed up data transport and improves user experience for applications with mobile or long-distance access without requiring any software installation or configuration change on the client or receiving side.

ZetaTCP technology is a single-ended, learning-based latest generation of TCP optimization technology which improves both speed and stability of TCP connections in a single-ended deployment .It is TCP acceleration technology which can learn and adjust to any network condition dynamically. It is transparent to applications and can be deployed on the server or client side.

LotServer is a ZetaTCP powered software product that can be installed on origin or cache servers to accelerate content delivery to end users, requiring no software or plugins on the client side. It currently supports all Microsoft Windows operating systems and Linux distributions.

“The inevitable network latency and packet loss on the Internet can slow down data transport and hurt user experience from time to time. AppEx CloudExpress mitigates network latency and packet loss, and leads to a faster and more stable data transport, quick application response, and better user experience,” says Young Wang, CEO, AppEx Networks.