Apple Acquires Music Analytics Company, Semetric

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 22, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Apple acquires Semetric, a premier provider of music analytics for music labels and artists. Semetric helps record labels to track digital sales, streams and social statistics. With its acquisition, Apple may well make it a part of its music service, reports The Guardian.

Semetrics has Musicmetric Pro as its flagship product, that gives information to musical entities about how an artist is performing in terms of downloads, demography, social sentiment or sales. Being a music analytics tool that tracks billions of online interactions, it helps these entities in cases such as album launch, global tour, finding new talent, or choosing a brand ambassador.

When it comes to Musicmetric Pro for musical entities, it just works! The striking benefit of this platform is that it enables an entity to figure out who actually the fans are and how they are influenced by a particular artist. This vital information paves for decision makers to zero in on the regions and places to tour or to launch new albums. Business opportunities get a boost by having the information that reveals the places where songs of a particular label or artist are being downloaded both legally and illegally.

Besides  Musicmetric Pro, the company has other solutions that include:

Enterprise Analytics Platforms: shows the locations – both online and offline – of the digital consumers of a particular content and also provides information about the way in which they are engaging with the content. The Enterprise dashboards are personalized to allow integration of the user data for sales and marketing.

Charts: Shows the real-time online buzz based on several categories such as county, city, gender, genre, social network, and P2P.

API & Access to Data: Provides access to raw and processed trend data, KPI’s, benchmarks, charts, sentiment analytizer.

Reporting: Offers custom analysis and research for better decision making.