Apple Acquires VocalIQ to Help Siri Converse with Humans in a More Natural Manner

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 6, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Apple recently has acquired VocalIQ, a company that deals in machine learning integrated with conversational voice technology. The acquisition is aimed at incorporating more intelligent and smarter attributes in Siri, a digital personal assistant and knowledge navigator.

Mark Sullivan in VentureBeat explains that VocalIQ’s software enables humans and computers to converse in a more natural way. The startup’s technology uses deep learning to understand the context in which words are spoken.

The company sells its natural language database as a service to app developers, who can use VocalIQ as the personal assistant in their apps. The platform then stores and learns from all communication from app users to provide more intelligent and relevant answers in the future, reports Sullivan.

The acquisition also points towards the fact that Apple is letting no opportunity go in vain to make its products and apps smarter than its counterparts in the market. However, Apple is not the only one taking strides in this direction, its rivals like Google and others are similarly marching towards the same destination.