Apple Set to Repeat History, with its Next Big Bet

By CIOReview | Monday, September 14, 2015

SAN FRANSCISCO, CA: Eight years after launching the evolutionary first iPhone, Apple once again promises a big change in world’s best-selling phone, with many other slews of products and introduction of new technologies that includes a big screen iPad Pro, new iPhones, enhanced Apple TV, second iteration watchOS. The technology stretched from 3D Touch on the new iPhones to the first professional-grade iPad and from Apple pencil stylus to limited edition Apple Watch.

Although the new roll out phones 6s and 6s Plus looks exactly as its predecessors, in the technology font the phone has got a complete makeover. It has changed the way of use of phone with the introduction of 3D Touch which creates a new layer of interaction on the two iPhones’ touchscreens. For instance; applying a little extra pressure on the screen will give preview of a photo in one app and open a file in another, making it easier to navigate through apps.

Under the hood is the new i0S9 64 bit A9 chipset that is 70 percent faster at carrying out processes and similarly 90 percent of the graphics processing will be aided by a new graphics processor. Another addition that distinguishes the phone from its previous models is the rose gold color option, along with space gray, silver and gold hues. The recent version also features faster second generation TouchID sensor and are made of tough aircraft grade aluminum body, which gives durability along with lighter and less dense structure.

Among all the enhancements, the stand out upgrade comes with its perked up camera section. After being stuck with an 8MP sensor since iPhone 4S and 4 models, the new phones get 12MP cameras that are capable of taking panorama pictures up to 63MP.  The rear camera has also got 4K recording to capture high-resolution videos. Despite being unavailable with front LED flash, users can take selfies in dark light with automatic pictures coming up three times brighter.

The next in the slew of products, is the iPad Pro a stylish new entrant in Apple’s tablet lineup, offering the biggest screen ever for an iPad, positioning itself as a computing device for professionals. The product also supports multi-tasking with split screen app view. With 12.9 inch screen and 2739X2048p resolution, it comes with the Apple Pencil stylus and Smart Keyboard docking cover to enhance productivity. It also sports four speaker audio system that balances the sound automatically based according to the way it is held. The iPad Mini version 4 also gets a major upgrade with a 30 percent faster processor and an 18 percent lighter body.

But the product that steals the show is Apple TV- which gets Siri integration to its platform. It also models a powerful hardware, an exclusive app store and a self dedicated operating system named tvOS. Users can now interact with the TV using Siri as well as remote. In connectivity module, the TV will have Ethernet, HDMI and Bluetooth 4.0 accessibility.

Apple Watch Hermes collection introduces it to a major luxury French brand Hermes. The update will provision outside developers to make apps specifically for the watch and interact directly with its sensors and controls. The sensors will further enable the apps to analyze golf swings or record audio in a go.

Though there is a lot of speculation minting over Apple to rewrite its past business performance with its previous models. The new release hasn’t got the stock moving or get investors jazzed. Its about time to tell, but the onus will surely be on Apple to do what it does the best.