APPrise Launches Update in Mobile Platform; Fixes Bottleneck in Organization Communication

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 21, 2015

NEW YORK, N.Y.: One of the frequently faced obstacles in the complex organizational structure is with its potential to communicate and deliver content to its employees through a mobile platform. Furthermore, doing so in a constrained environment with the passage of relevant information to each employee is even tougher task to ask for. APPrise, the famed company for internal communication and the creator of EMPLOYEEapp solves this challenge with its introduction of Version 8.0 to its native app technology platform.

The latest update brings in significant changes with its new user friendly and intuitive mobile app that offers a refreshing user experience while revolutionizing the content management system for enhancing the administration of a company’s mobile app. The major upgrades includes operational functionalities that unravels the hurdles in the communication system faced by corporate, internal communications and human resource professionals whose companies share a varied range of brands, divisions and locations. It further ensures professionals with the abilities to tackle the demand of localizing the content to its diffused workforces.

The software fortifies EMPLOYEEapp scalability across organizations of any size, especially the enterprises with employees scattered in numerous locations, working in even more numerous roles and also under numerous brands. In short EMPLOYEEapp tries its hand out with customizable “Facebook-and Twitter-like” news feed for individuals to accustomed to.

Out of colossal of various new upgrades, the company links out few of the key strategies that includes an enriched user experience, where new auto-generated or customized content appears on the top of news feed section displaying the thumbnail images of the content. The “Explore” function eases up the searching operation for the employees with a more organized, mobile intranet-styled repository for information and content distribution.

The multiple app profiles feature a unique app experience where content can be specifically targeted for user/employee groups. Employees have to just download a single app to access all information that is essential.

Now companies will hold capabilities in assigning app administration rights to as many individuals as required. Individuals will also be powered with additive technology for upgrading the entire app or just a certain part of it.