AppsGeyser Offers 50 Templates Styles to App Makers to Boost their Novelty Apps Making

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2016

FREMONT, CA: AppsGeyser extends support to app makers who can now choose to create novelty apps using a range of the fifty template styles.

Novelty apps tend to be those that are related to a holiday season or a selective event and are aimed at increasing audience size. Use of these apps excels during festive time of the year when people search for fun novelty apps.

Wasting time creating an Android app that would only be used for a month seemed a little pointless a while ago to app makers. But, with its ability to grasp audience’s attention, enhance brand loyalty and bring overall success to an app maker have turned the game by making novelty apps popular.

Welcoming the change in attitude towards Novelty apps, AppsGeyser is offering a variety of templates style for app makers, using which the developers can customize to fit the novelty theme.

AppsGeyser is a Do-It-Yourself platform that has become a fastest growing full-service App platform. It enables app makers to create, distribute and monetize Apps in one place. Along with making app creation as easy as a matter of two simple steps, the platform also helps in distributing the apps created on it through its wide AppsGeyser Apps Network and facilitates.

 “Android app makers often underestimate the need to market their Android app business. The main tool offered for app marketing, is an app itself. Novelty apps are by far the most useful marketing tool an app maker can have,” says Vasily Salomatov, CEO, AppsGeyser.