Appsites Announces New Mobile App Marketing Tool for Marketers

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 26, 2015

OAKLAND, CA: Appsites, company that help app developers with marketing processes is now enabling app developers and marketers to download more and more apps as it is offering them services that includes a tool for generating landing pages.

The landing pages increase app discovery on various devices and social platforms. The tool released helps Appsites team to market their mobile apps and at the same time discover the target audience. Besides these some of the main features of the apps include:

Pre-Launch with MailChimp: This feature aims to help begin the process of marketing an app before it is even launched. Users can connect to their MailChimp account to begin collecting pre-launch e-mail addresses.

One-Click Install on Mobile Web: Automatically ask users to install the app on the mobile-ready landing page. This call to action will direct users to store page.

SEO and Analytics Plugins: Lastly, Appsites offers several analytics integrations including Google Analytics and Optimizely for A/B testing the landing page.

A key component to mobile app marketing is identifying the target audience and engaging them at the right place and time. Ideally, this exchange happens in the app store, however, this isn’t always the case. “Your users are likely to discover your app on desktop web, mobile web, traditional search, and social media,” said Erik Smith, founder, Appsites. “These mediums don’t always offer effective ways to funnel users towards the app store.”