Appster Fosters App Availability for the Apple Watch

By CIOReview | Friday, April 24, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Appster, a growing app and product development company announces a limited –time promotion for all companies that want to have an app for the Apple Watch.

The promotion is considered to be fast and cost- effective for businesses to establish mindshare and market share among Watch owners. Appstar when developing for Watch requires special skills in areas such as power efficiency, minimization of data communications, leveraging a tethered device usage model and the form factor's unique UX/UI design considerations.

Appster’s Watch apps provide a great user experience from day one, creating a positive buzz and ultimately convincing more people to buy a Watch, thus expanding the app's addressable market. It also is a way for those businesses to avoid the challenge of justifying internal development overhead on a device that, at least initially, has a smaller user base than the smartphone and tablet markets.

"Apple Watch will enable businesses to play a bigger, better part in their customers' lives, which is why savvy business owners know they need a Watch app immediately," says Mike Wehrs, Head of Appster's US Operations and Global Chief Marketing Officer. "This promotion is an ideal opportunity for those visionaries to begin serving Watch owners, leveraging the buzz that Apple has created and establishing their leadership in a major new device category."