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APrivacy's Bot on WhatsApp: Enabling better customer engagement for banks and insurance companies

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 3, 2018

APrivacy is a leading provider of digital security solutions for Financial Services, recently announced its newest solution, APrivacy Bot on WhatsAppTM, which is the newest way banks and insurance companies have been engaging with their customers. With a surreal combination of invisible data security and the convenience for the financial services industry, APrivacy streamlines processes and consolidates multiple security technologies, leading to cost savings and new revenues while reducing operational risks.

However, WhatsApp until now has been a challenge to leverage as it is a closed environment and doesn’t allow for integration. APrivacy has found its way around this problem while also meeting the T&Cs of WhatsApp.

The North American vendor for fully programmable chatbot service enables direct interactions with customers over WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging service. Uniquely, APrivacy’s bot leverages WhatsApp by providing a personalized communication experience for customers within their favorite messaging app without any need of installing any additional software. Integrated within the APrivacy suite of products, the solution also supports the additional ability for customers to seamlessly transfer to a secure chat session for more sophisticated transactions, such as placing trades, or full servicing by a human agent. All communications are fully recorded for compliance purposes. APrivacys in-depth business intelligence analytics further enhances the tailored customer experience.

The fast-growing trend is to move away from portals and apps with static menus and move towards conversational interfaces where customers could immediately ask questions and provide instructions over messaging. People are now used to texting. In fact, 90% of time spent on a smartphone is spent on email and messaging platforms. Messaging apps are the platforms of the future, and chatbots are the new tools users will use to access all sorts of services.