Aptean Analytics to Drive Business Success in Metal Industry

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 15, 2015

ATLANTA, GA: Aptean, an enterprise software solutions provider, announces Aptean Analytics, a solution crafted for metal industry offering actionable insights for metal producers, processors and service centers.

Aptean Analytics is powered by QlikView and integrated with Aptean’s Axis ERP solution. Its dashboard addresses the needs of metal manufacturers by providing a view into sales, inventory, cost and trending data changing the dynamics from descriptive and diagnostic reporting to predictive and prescriptive analytics. The custom-built solution provides each customer metrics that are specific to organization and also curtails the complexity of traditional Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

Aptean Analytics’ capabilities include: sharing and collaboration across enterprise using analytics; sortable inventory data and history access throughout the plant; producing trends, reports and actions to balance cost and impact margins; ability to make mission-critical associations based on product and order attributes while dealing with metal products and customers.

“Aptean Analytics gives metals manufacturers the capacity to make decisions with the right amount of data provided in the right way,” said Peter Weymouth, Axis ERP Product Manager, Aptean. “Aptean Analytics delivers the right combination of specialization, simplicity and actionable information to serve the metals industry.”