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AR is Taking Product Photography to Newer Heights

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 6, 2019

With its inherent potential to engage customers, AR is a game-changing incorporation into product photography.

FREMONT, CA: Product photography is a crucial aspect of commercial photography that has the potential to engage customers. The focus is on showcasing the product and its features to their fullest to the potential customers. Augmented reality (AR) has an inherent potential to contribute to the above objective. AR is transforming several industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, military, gaming, and many others. But the million-dollar question is how AR can contribute to product photography?

Product Photography and AR

AR enables to view products in 3D in the real-life and real-time environment via smartphones or tablets. The same can be used for the cause of customer engagement via product photography. AR is enabling the retailers and manufacturers to provide online customers with their product experiences while sitting at home. The customers can also have a 3D view of the products by rotating and seeing all augmented contents before they plan to buy.

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AR in Browsers

Web-powered AR depicts a shift towards making AR experiences available to shoppers via mobile browsers. The AR browsers enhance the camera display along with the background information. The incorporation offers an immersive experience for the shoppers while exploring every part and angle of a product.

Deciding on a Product

AR is also helping people to answer simple questions that are challenging in case of online shopping. However, AR is enabling customers to experience the actual product in 3D on their display devices. It answers numerous questions that are helpful to the customers for decision making. For instance, customers can see how a particular product looks in their living room, garage, or somewhere else. Web-powered AR will transform the online shopper's experience, especially where the purchase decision tilts on the setting of the product.

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AR as the Showroom to House

Rather than going to a decorated showcase of items, online shoppers can view products that they intend to purchase and compare their space by experiencing them next to a piece at their home. Besides serving the purpose of visualization, AR brings the customer closer to the perception of owning it. Thus AR is set to rule the dynamics of product photography in the near future.