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AR Opens New Opportunities in the Healthcare Sector, See How!

By CIOReview | Monday, May 20, 2019

FREMONT, CA: In the healthcare sector, the application of AR-technology opens new opportunities. The world market is expected to reach $1.5B by the year 2020. New AR innovations can enable doctors and surgeons to diagnose better, treat, and operate their patients by providing them with quicker and more precise access to real-time and patient information. AR can also add enormous value to medicine and education by enabling students and trainee doctors to visualize their health problems and scenarios in the coming days. With the AR breakthrough, the healthcare industry will very soon witness a paradigm shift, moving towards betterment.

The most critical problem that the healthcare industry faces is the lack of resources to cater to the needs of the patients, and insufficient physicians, and professionals. The long-term solution would be to train more medical professionals via AR, providing a lively and educational experience to determine whether complex concepts can be easily grasped, in an unsustainable high-pressure situation through traditional training.

The advancement of apps and devices which allow the patients to care for their health more proactively is yet another advantage offered by AR for the health industry. The EyeDecide app helps users learn about the structure of the eyeball, but it also provides visual simulations of eye conditions. By comparing their own experience with the simulations outlined in the application, users can self-diagnose themselves. They also benefit from locating local eye experts in their area.

Technology has given many examples of how industries benefit from making processes more efficient and performing specific roles that can improve results. AR also helps patients to treat them on their own.  The point is to create digital demonstrations to help a patient duplicate the motion to rehabilitate them. The technology studies have shown that excellent AR motor skills help patients in getting healed faster compared to the conventional methods.

Technological integrations into an industry that relies on expertise can look daunting, but the advantages and progress that it brings would undoubtedly make way for more efficacies to come in. In future years, as with many other industries, AR will be at the forefront of the industry.

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