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Arcarithm Rewarded With MDS Digital Simulations Contract by the Missile Defense Agency

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Missile Defense Agency rewarded Arcarithm a contract to develop innovative big data technologies to advance data management and data mining systems within a missile defense digital architecture.

FREMONT, CA: Arcarithm's Advanced Data Management and Mining for Missile Defense System Digital Simulations solution, Ominis, applies complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning algorithms to mine large volumes of simulation data in conjunction with Big Data technologies that can be applied to a variety of computing platforms including large, small, and cloud-based architectures. Arcarithm's Ominis offers excellent speed, efficiency, and accuracy through a scalable architecture designed for implementation in large-scale computing clusters specific for analysis of petabyte-sized data sources.

The Ominis deep learning algorithms have the potential to automatically estimate the metrics, produce quick-look reports, and offer predictive metrics from large-scale data. The automated processing of the AI network offers insight into the data itself to unlock the hidden value. Adept in working with large volumes of data, Ominis reliably points out and detects subtle features and data trends and offers a set of tools for Subject Matter Experts to understand and analyze data more effectively.

"Ominis provides a valid approach to classifying data," says Randy Riley, Arcarithm, President and CEO. "We appreciate the confidence placed in Arcarithm by the Missile Defense Agency to allow us to mature Ominis," he further added.

Arcarithm is a leader in Artificial Intelligence-based solutions for defense and commercial markets. Founded in 2012, Arcarithm proprietary machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and expert systems solutions span from individual products to turnkey platforms. Arcarithm has successfully leveraged AI to automatically detect manned and unmanned aircraft, guns, tanks, people, automobiles, and military vehicles.