Arcline Unveils Trucking Dispatch Mobile App for Drivers

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 25, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Logistics industry has taken a new twist embracing mobile apps, making transportation of loads more easy. Arcline, transportation management software company announces the release of the Trucking Dispatch Mobile Application for drivers available in Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Drivers have an individual login and password to access their personal profile; load information is exported to the Mobile App for drivers to retrieve trip information on their assigned orders. Information includes detailed pick-up and delivery information, load details, special instructions and a link to online mapping functions. Driver with the help of arrived and departed buttons confirm pick-up and delivery times and data is sent directly to the ArcFleet Software. Documents can be captured including Proof of Deliveries or any other photos associated to the load; the images are then sent directly to the ArcFleet system and attached to the associated order. Upon pickup and delivery, the load status will be automatically updated in the ArcFleet Software, ArcTrac Internet Tracking and the Customer Tracking Mobile Applications.

“With the advancement of mobile technology and the continuous growth of mobile devices as business tools, we wanted to offer our customers a solution that would take their operational efficiency to the next level,” says Michelle Dirracolo, President of Arcline.“By adding mobile functionality to their Arcline products, companies can vastly improve communications and offer their drivers, dispatchers and customers real-time updates on their shipments.”