ArcSoft Introduces Security Upgrades for Simplicam

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 19, 2015

FREMONT, CA: ArcSoft, an image-intelligent technologies company, announces a new set of security upgrades for simplicam powered by Closeli, a home monitoring Wi-Fi camera with Face Recognition.  

The simplicam security team with help of Synack – a security startup – identified places in the simplicam and Closeli software where the existing protection could be improved. Synack who assisted the simplicam security team will soon be showcasing these improvements as part of Def Con 23 and the IoT village.

The improvements have been released to all existing simplicam customers through a mandatory firmware upgrade. This is being done to ensure that every simplicam that is in use is outfitted with the best security possible.

In addition to the existing security in simplicam and Closeli, bank-level AES 256-bit encryption has been added to all videos, proprietary video formatting that can only be interpreted by ArcSoft’s software and HTTPS communication connections. These improvements that have been made to the existing security in simplicam and Closeli have been made mandatory to simplicam firmware.

The security upgrades encompass areas of communication security, validation of SSL certification and improved private keys.

The communication security aspect of the upgrade ensures that all communications from initial connection requests and all the way up to streaming communications will be carried on through a secure SSL/HTTPS connection.

The validation of SSL certification assures users a more secure HTTPS communication between simplicam and the Closeli servers.

Improved private keys have been achieved by upgrading private keys to longer lengths and also ensuring secure generation and protection of API keys.