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Are Banks and Fintech the Perfect Fit?

By CIOReview | Monday, March 18, 2019

Technology disruption is rapidly evolving the competitive landscape, lowering the entry barriers for newbies and creating advanced business models. More and more institutions are moving towards the digitalization to improve their connectivity with the clients; evolution of fintech is impacting every industry it touches.

•  Cooperation

Organizations have realized the importance of proper cooperation on a more profound and fundamental level; technology can be given credits for this transformation. Industries are welcoming fintech solutions at a rapid pace as it has facilitated more comfortable grounds for sharing information and resources. Some have a notion that fintech will only benefit banks, online banking, and other financial institutions while positive feedback is received from the rest.

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•  Fintech or Techfin?

Both Fintech and Techfin have been impacting the financial sectors lately. According to experts, the difference amid the two lies in the way corresponding financial institution is organized at its core. There are numerous ways in which the structure of a business can be defined, so if an organization leverages modern technology to reduce its operating costs, it is a good indicator that it’s based on fintech; the mobile market could be an excellent example of appropriate fintech organization. Many big players in the market have already established a firm position for themselves and are one of the pioneers for financial transactions in many sectors, and this trend is likely to grow in the future.

•  Opportunities

Competition is a never-ending phenomenon; it will keep on escalating with the emergence of new technologies; fintech must be thanked for this. Companies have started to experience the adverse effects of failing to keep up with the flow, and those who haven’t adopted the latest trends yet have eventually found their profit margins decreasing. However, the demand for fintech products is on the rise, and it is expected that many people are not going to turn their heads towards this market not too long form now, companies must be prepared to face these situations appropriately.

Fintech is not just in the buzzword territory; this technology is here to stay, and will likely become a central entity in the financial sector very soon. As industries will adopt this technology, one will witness the surge in demand for them across consumers as well.

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