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Are Drones Bringing New Capabilities to Electric Utilities?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 7, 2020

FREMONT, CA: For the electric utilities, the future is now. Every other day innovative technological applications are adding sophistication to energy generation and transmission facilities. Drone technology is one of the highly valued technologies among electric utility giants. The constraints of managing assets in electric utility facilities are apparent. Hazardous conditions of high-voltage, an extensive expanse of infrastructure and new, distributed sources of electricity pose challenges to effective asset management. Drone technology equips electric utility companies with the capability to replace several manual tasks like inspection and assessments with automated alternatives. The defining benefits of drone technology in electric utilities are discussed in this article.

• Monitoring Beyond Points of Visibility

The highly valued assets of electric utility companies can now be monitored from control rooms without the intervention of manual teams with the help of drones. Before drone technology offered these conveniences, companies had to invest in transporting teams and experts to the site in order to carry out technical assessments. Now, regulatory norms are being relaxed, and drones are being used to inspect facilities beyond points of visibility. This adds to the efficiency and reduces the costs of operation.

• Visual Documentation of Infrastructure

Drones equipped with high-power cameras enable electric utility companies to develop detailed images of facilities. Such visual documentation is key to develop better control over operations. Besides, maintain the safety of power plants comes easy with drones. Drones that come with sensors are also empowered to accumulate a variety of information and make data accumulation convenient.

An Easier Path to Recovery

Every time there are disruptions due to natural calamities, unmanned aerial vehicles can step in to facilitate the revival of services. Given the maturity of drone technology, drones can operate at any time, under any external condition. Thus, technical limitations after disasters can be minimized by using drones.

Drone technology empowers the electric utility industry to automate several tasks and handle critical processes in streamlined ways. With more advancement, drone-powered solutions will deliver numerous other benefits to the sector.

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