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Are Field Workers In Utilities Going Digital?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 8, 2020

FREMONT, CA: Electric utility companies are dependent on field service experts and workers to deliver uninterrupted services. However, utility companies modernizing their infrastructure and acquiring new capabilities through digital solutions often undermine the importance of a digital workforce management system. Digitalization of the workforce management systems and training of field workers to make them technology-savvy can multiply productivity. On the other hand, persisting with poorly managed, manual methods of coordinating work and workforce can significantly impair any electric utility company.

Field workforce management solutions enable utility field workers to gain access to technologies and enhance the digital prowess of any electric utility firm. A digital system connects every worker to a centralized platform and grants better controls to superiors. This facilitates the process of deploying the workforce exactly where they are needed, in a timely manner. The current convention in most companies involves manual and unsystematic field workforces that cannot respond well when adversities arise.

The opportunity to transform manual processes into mechanized and automated ones is now available. A host of technology providers have the ability to develop tailor-made workforce management solutions for companies in the electric utility sector. These solutions can schedule and assign work in a streamlined manner, leading to better utilization of resources. Once a foolproof system is in place, and field workers have trained accordingly, electric utility companies can ensure improved asset management and maintenance. The improvements in artificial intelligence and machine learning have led to the creation of software solutions that are better than human employees in certain aspects. Leveraging these abilities can ring in a lot of benefits in workforce management.

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Tracking the movement and operations of field service teams can get a major boost when electric utility companies invest in digitalizing workforce management. This would subsequently result in safer working conditions and reduced overhead costs. The efficient management of field workers might also allow companies to cut down on expenses of hiring. Thus, in the near future, electric utilities are expected to invest significantly in giving field workers the digital edge.

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