Are Technology Innovations Shaping the Online Casino Realm?
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Are Technology Innovations Shaping the Online Casino Realm?

By CIOReview | Monday, February 17, 2020

The expansion of the technology helps in attracting new players by providing them ready access, improved gaming options, higher casino services, and much more.  

FREMONT, CA: The online casino industry has witnessed continuous innovation in technology; an enormous revolution has taken place in the industry over the years, completely altering the way individuals used to bet online. Consequently, the online casino sector is thriving by offering customers with enhanced gaming experiences with constant technological developments. 

These innovations have majorly brought a higher level of simplicity, which was initially absent in the conventional casino experience. Therefore, the newbies, as well as the experienced gamblers, are now participating with ease. Here are a few significant innovations in the field of online gambling in recent time, which is shaping the industry:


Cryptocurrency came into the industry when the online casinos in the past, started encountering major security issues while dealing with monetary transactions. During that time, the transactions on an online platform were only carried out with the help of a third party, which ended up being expensive and took several days for the payouts.

Moreover, bitcoin is known as the most popular cryptocurrency that has now transformed the methods of performing online transactions. With the evolution and growth of bitcoin, the industry has also witnessed a few new digital currencies, such as Dogecoin and Primecoin. In the present day, bitcoin-based online casinos are emerging more and more to serve the users who prefer to gamble using cryptocurrency. The cryptic nature of cryptocurrencies can help in reducing the probable ways of hacking and theft and gaining cheaper withdrawals.

Virtual Reality:

Although mobile gaming is considered to be one of the most convenient methods of gambling, touching the phone screen might appear to be a little boring after a while. Therefore, virtual reality (VR) is lending a hand in changing that and keeping the interest of players intact in the platform. Users can find themselves being moved to the local brick and mortar casino, virtually with a pair of HD virtual reality glasses. The technology has been leveraged by hundreds of game developers within the casino industry that has also led the way toward the evolution of new generation virtual reality casinos. Almost every casino games, as well as classics like blackjack, craps, poker, and baccarat, are all available in VR casinos, offering the customers a taste of real casino as an online experience. 

Live Dealers:

The aura and ambiance in a physical casino, along with human interaction, makes the game more enjoyable. The concept of including the same in an online platform has made the developers build and offer live dealer games that give a realistic feeling to the players. A human dealer placed in some studio interacts through sophisticated sensors and cameras that allow the gamblers to follow the action in real-time. Many live dealer games also offer different features like live chat and also enable the players to experience the social aspect of gambling.

Developed Mobile Gaming:

In the past years, revenues from mobile gaming have surpassed the traditional brick and mortar revenues and have also exceeded the revenues gained by PC gaming. The revenue increase is credited majorly to mobile casino games, as nearly everyone has access to a smartphone in today’s world, and the gamblers encounter a high thirst for gaming.

Moreover, the brick and mortar casinos are playing an essential role in transferring most of the operations carried out on the mobile platform. The mobile apps that are built for the use of casinos are seamless and efficient, just like playing games on the casino floor. If the users download the app, then they can essentially walk around with a casino with them. Additionally, the fast payouts, exciting bonuses, and quality customer service are attracting more and more users to prefer mobile gaming over the physical casinos. Ultimately, due to such increased interest in mobile gaming, major tech leaders are getting into partnerships with several sports betting firms to be a part of the action in the growing world of online gambling.

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